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8 - 10 January 2021


15 - 17 January 2021


Registration is now available for Frostbite 2021.  Please review the event schedule, and the Course Descriptions very carefully prior to registering for any courses.  Please be aware that locations could be anywhere in Alberta, and there are 2 separate weekends.

Steps to Registration Success!

  1. Find interesting workshops, some are back-to-back in the same location!

  2. Determine if the date AND Location are workable for you.

  3. Complete Registration, by Clicking Here

  4. Go have some fun!

Frostbite will be changing this year to accommodate the Alberta Health Services guidelines for groups and gatherings.  In 2021 we will be sponsoring a dispersed educational event that will feature the same amazing instructors and quality courses, but in separate locations across Western Canada.  

So check back regularly, workshops are being designed and instructors are working hard to book venues where you can join, learn and have some winter fun.  Pick and choose, make a road trip out of it, and learn some skills!

Frostbite Symposium will promote independent workshops by:

1.  Promoting workshops in the instructors home area

2.  Providing registration information for individual workshops

3.  Sponsoring the creation of video Keynote Presentations for all participants

4.  Collecting $0.00 in fees from participants (zip, zero, nada, nothing)

Instructors will promote their personal workshops and Frostbite Satellite by:

  1. Creating quality events at separate and convenient locations across western Canada

  2. Following Alberta Health Service guidelines throughout the event

  3. Selecting and securing local venues, collecting their own fees and communicating directly with their registrants

  4. Continuing to provide the highest quality of instruction and building the community of outdoor enthusiasts that we all value

Join the Mailing List:

To receive updates, and an invitation for early reservations, please fill out the form below.  You will begin receiving updates in August, with registration opening on 30 October 2020.









Who Comes to Frostbite?

10% under 18 years

30% Hot Tenters

45% Female

68% Returning Frostbiters!

What is Frostbite!

Frostbite is Canada's 1st winter gathering that brings together instructors and students to learn and explore the art of winter travel in the Canadian Bush.  The instructors are both students and volunteers, but collectively represent some of the most respected names in outdoor education, bushcraft and wilderness survival in Canada.




What Happens at Frostbite!

Every year there are always a couple people that keep the fire burning for the rest of the participants.  They are always ready with a warm drink, perhaps a snack and some conversation.  But while they enjoy the fire, courses will occur indoors and outdoors.  So don't worry about being bored, or tired of walking, there is always something to keep you busy.  2020 Class Descriptions

Feedback from Frostbiters!

Frostbite was an amazing experience. It's like a summer camp for adults... in the winter! Courses were great but it's the people that made the event.

- 2018 Participant


I enjoyed being able to walk around and interact with people in other seminars, getting to watch and learn even though I might not have been able to sign up for that particular course, it was always a casual and welcoming atmosphere everywhere I went

- 2020 Participant

So much wisdom, willingness to share, camaraderie, and wool in one room😂

- 2020 Participant

I went to frostbite on a whim and now I'm hooked. I look forward to it every new year. I always learn a lot and have the chance to talk with some great people.

- 2020 Participant


Frostbite is where I can meet new and old faces of those who appreciate and value the outdoor life and all it has to offer. I like how people from diverse walks of life can come together and share and learn under a common interest.

- 2020 Participant

Frostbite is just like a huge Reunion between Friends within the Northern Bushcraft Community. I'll always recommend to friends outside the community to come join us and take in the culture with hopes that they leave with good memories and a bit more knowledge with desire to return the following year.

- 2018 Participant

Overall one of the top bush craft events that I have attended. Such an awesome community of folks, I can hardly wait till next year!

- 2020 Participant

Frostbite pushes me out of my comfort zone and introduces me to a world I'm not lucky enough to live in daily. My confidence in exploring the natural world has grown by leaps and bounds since my first Frostbite experience.

- 2018 Participant

For more information please contact us:

Frostbite! Symposium on Traditional Winter Skills 

Edited: 18 November 2020

Frostbite! 2021
8 - 10 January 2021 & 15 -17 January 2021
Out with the Old & In with the Cold
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