Many different people and organizations have helped create Frostbite!  If you have the chance, support these businesses, organizations and people.  They are dedicated to making things happen.


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"The more you know, the less you carry" -Mors Kochanski.

These words really resonate for me in today's gear crazy outdoor world.  It was this gear heavy, low knowledge approach that got me into big trouble in my early 20's. Lost and stranded, with gear but no real skills, I made a promise to myself to learn all I could about this beautiful place in which I'd found myself feeling so helpless. Luckily I made it out, but we will have to cover the rest of that story another time.

Determined to fill the void, I chased down books on camping, plants, and survival skills. At every opportunity I practiced what I'd been reading.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of frustration to be found in attempting to master such a vast subject in this way. After years of trial and error I was gifted with an unforgettable experience; I was enrolled in a 7 day winter survival course with Mors Kochanski, a legendary wilderness living and survival instructor. Teaching alongside Mors was master instructor Kelly Harlton. During that week these two excellent and distinguished teachers basically wiped out and re-wrote everything I thought I knew. The "veil of green", as Kelly would say, had been lifted and I now saw the forest for what it was: my hardware store, grocery store and medicine cabinet. Over the last 7 years I've taken part in many courses with these great men, beginning as a student and eventually being privileged enough to teach along side them, still learning all I can, and doing my best to pass that knowledge on to others.

Bull Moose Patrol and Scott Oeth have a long history of working with youth, educating the general public and providing quality information in the field.  With background in high performance athletics, Scout leadership, the Maine Guide tradition and as a student of Mors Kochanski, Scott offers a wonderful perspective on leadership and winter activities.  His website features links to his adventures, guided trips and courses, and features a blog full of sound advice, good recipes and solid information.  Thanks for joining us for Frostbite! 2020.

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Kevin Kinney and Empire Wool & Canvas have been supporters and participants in the area of traditional wilderness livings skills for many years.  Kevin designs and builds functional outdoor clothing from wool, canvas and leather that is designed to last a lifetime of use in the woods.  Around fires and in the cold.  If you want quality, then visit Kevin.  We are also very appreciative of his support for Frostbite in the form of a raffle item.

Frost River equipment comes from a long tradition of making things well, by hand, with the end user in mind.  Their bags are timeless, but still well designed for the modern outdoorsperson.  If you have the opportunity stop by their manufacturing facility in Duluth, MN.  You will meet the person who cuts the canvas, the one that trims the leather to shape, the seamstress that creates a finished product, those that tap every rivet by hand, and finally in a small corner under the stairs, the worktable where every piece passes quality control.  Frost River has invested in Frostbite Symposium, because they respect those who spend time in the outdoors and that will challenge their design, quality and tradition through real world use.

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For many years, Snowtrekker® tents have provided the standard in lightweight canvas tents for winter trekking.  If you have any questions, the Lottig's are only a phone call or email away, and will happily answer questions about their equipment.  Lightweight, durable, well designed, and provide an incredible living space for summer or winter.

Snowtrekker® Tents maintains a strict, sustained commitment to provide only gear of the highest quality and durability to withstand the most demanding winter environments in which it is designed to perform, safely and reliably. This is our mission. And yes, we proudly build our tents in the USA.

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Lure of the North is leader in the art of traditional winter travel, crafts and skills.  Dave & Kie Marrone, the founder/owners, offer weekend workshops, extended winter expeditions (1 - 3 weeks in length!) and traditional winter camping equipment designed specifically for the life in the north woods! Gear tested by people who use it, in the places you want to go!  If you have any questions about function or durability of equipment in the beautiful depths of winter, or are looking for high quality training or experience in traditional winter travel, visit Lure of the North.

In 1960, Åke Nordin founded Fjällräven in his basement in the Swedish town of Örnsköldsvik. Since then, Fjällräven has made a commitment to high quality and functional design, while staying true to our mission of developing timeless and durable outdoor equipment and apparel, acting responsibly towards people, animals and nature and inspiring people to get outside. Today the company has presence in over 30 countries worldwide.


Karamat Wilderness Way is Randy and Lori Breeuwsma. Randy is a braintanner and primitive skills and modern survival practitioner.  Lori is into natural crafting, crafting, primitive skills, and the needle arts.  These two are responsible for introducing this community of instructors to each other during the annual event, RatRoot Rendezvous.

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Contributors, Volunteers and Instructor Affiliates:

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Mammut Bushcraft is active in Central Alberta providing training in bushcraft, survival and traditional wilderness living skills.  David Delafield, the lead instructor, has been an integral part of the background team with Frostbite! since the first event.  Without him, you wouldn't be visiting this website.

Wildside Wilderness Connection is Kelly Harlton, one of the most respected bushcraft and wilderness skills instructors in Canada. Fortunately, he doesn't hold this same opinion of himself, which makes him an even more capable instructor.

Beaver River Bushcraft is a a new venture by an accomplished outdoorsman.  Ted Dahr has spent years compiling plant knowledge, survival skills, tool use skills, in addition to facilitating many emergency preparedness programs.  With a passion for sharing knowledge in family-friendly environments, Ted especially enjoys passing on these skills to young people, and is currently developing a project working with local First Nations' youth and leaders.

Dave is the founder and lead instructor for the International Canadian School of Survival Inc. located in Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba. He served 25 years with the Department of National Defense, 19 years as a Search and Rescue Technician with the Royal Canadian Airforce. Volunteering with local ground search teams, the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) and running tracking/search dogs, he gives a unique perspective on survival and rescue. His objective is raising awareness through education to prevent suffering and loss of life, by equipping individuals to help themselves in an emergency situation and assist in their own rescue.


Three Ravens Bushcraft is Brian Rice, and he is the driving force behind the creation of this event.  Brian is located in Edmonton, AB and is active in providing bushcraft and survival training to youth and adults, in addition to community organizations.

Good Note Community Farm:  is the Borch Family.  They are involved with homesteading, farm education and music.  We are excited that Maryann will be leading out a workshop on willow basketry.

Ross is passionate about examining the predator-prey relationships and dispelling the myths of trapping and wildlife habitat that is so vital to real conservation.  Together with his wife Deborah, they operate, North Trapping and Bushcraft, teaching trapping and other bushcraft living workshops.  You can follow them on their Youtube Channel.

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