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Our Instructors

Our instructors come from across western Canada.  Each one is an accomplished wilderness traveler in their own way.  Some are tradespeople, or professors, first responders, retirees, stay-at-home parents, and entrepreneurs.  But all are volunteers, dedicated to sharing their knowledge and creating a great event for everyone.  Thank you to these folks, you are some of the best in the field.

How Do I Become an Instructor for Frostbite?

  1. Dream up a session to offer

  2. Send Frostbite an email, proposing what you can offer

    • Provide description, student numbers, materials fees, and photo if possible.​

  3. Commit to teaching 2 sessions

  4. If the course fits, we put you on the schedule

What do we provide for Instructors:

  • Free admission to Frostbite.

  • Accommodation in the Instructor cabins

  • Big thank you's and free hugs


Bruce Zawalsky has over 22 Years’ Experience Working as a Professional Wilderness Survival Instructor. He has a practical Hands-on Philosophy on the Teaching of Modern Wilderness Survival. His Monthly Podcast the Canadian Outdoor Survival's Podcast is available directly or through iTunes. 

Kelly Harlton is recognized by other professionals as one of the finest bushcraft and wilderness survival instructors in Canada.  He is always appreciated for his thorough instruction, boundless energy and keen ability to reduce an essential skill to its simplest form.

Dave Holder is an accomplished outdoor leader that is in demand as a adventure television safety consultant in addition to an maintaining an active guiding and instructional schedule throughout Canada and Europe.  A skilled interpreter, guide, trainer, and wilderness survival and bushcraft instructor.  Simply one of the best.


Lori Breeuwsma has been involved with teaching outdoor skills and crafting for over 20 years.  She is a patient instructor that inspires everyone to work towards creating beautiful pieces of craft.  She and Randy run Karamat Wilderness Way, the cornerstone of bushcraft and survival skills instruction in Alberta. 

Darcy Swift Deer is a member of the Michel First Nation of the Haudenosaunee People.  He is addicted to being out in the Bush no matter what season. His passion for the Bush is demonstrated by his love of learning, and most of all, a desire to pass on knowledge in a good way with respect to his ancestors.  Darcy carries many traditional teachings for living with nature as opposed to trying to fight it.

Ber Roberts has been a registered nurse in a trauma centre, an extreme sport enthusiast and an adventure traveler on 5 continents. She has fallen in love with bushcraft and primitive technologies. She melds nursing, historical teachings and modern technology into what can be useful for us while in the outdoors, traveling, during natural disasters and more!

Dave MacDonald is the founder and lead instructor for the International Canadian School of Survival Inc. located in Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba. He served 25 years with the Department of National Defense, 19 years as a Search and Rescue Technician with the Royal Canadian Airforce. Volunteering with local ground search teams, the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) and running tracking/search dogs, he gives a unique perspective on survival and rescue. His objective is raising awareness through education to prevent suffering and loss of life, by equipping individuals to help themselves in an emergency situation and assist in their own rescue.

Dragan Uzelac is the founder of NIKO Wilderness Education.  A concrete-man by trade, and an enthusiastic and knowledgeable bushcraft instructor through his incredible passion for experienceing and sharing about the natural world.  Dragan is a patient and inspiring instructor that brings enthusiasm and humour to everything he takes on.  Visit them at

Chris Randal, after many years hiking and paddling in Europe, with regular visits to North America, Chris moved with his wife to Manitoba in 2010 to be somewhere with real winters. His first “hot tent was sewn from a set of Egyptian cotton bedsheets bought from the local liquidation store and though he has now graduated to a Snowtrekker tent his enthusiasm for designing and making outdoor gear has grown into a cottage business, making a variety of gear for winter campers and paddlers. 

Zef Ordman has in excess of 20 years in crisis management in extreme situations and environments in various locations around the globe: from Africa to Russia and North America. This includes experience as Federal Crisis/Hostage negotiator and  training in outdoor survival and fieldcraft.

Brian Rice Bushcrafter and survival instructor, is dedicated to teaching the love of the outdoors and how to coexist in harmony with nature.  Brian has been operating Three Ravens Bushcraft for 6 years and is part of the volunteer leadership team that coordinates Frostbite! on an annual basis.


Robb Brouwer is a certified archery instructor and avid leather craftsman. He became an outdoor enthusiast at an early age after being given a copy of Northern Bushcraft, written by the great Mors Kochanski. This created a lifelong passion for bushcraft and survival. Robb founded  Bear Paw Bushcraft to impart his knowledge with all who wish to learn traditional outdoor skills. can be found on Facebook and Instagram.  Also started a public group called “Alberta Wilderness Skills Community”on Facebook  for  anyone to post Bushcraft related info

Crystal Bezeau is a Paddle Canada Instructor, wilderness guide, first aid instructor and part of the dynamic duo that is NIKO Wilderness Education.  In Alberta, NIKO is leading they way with guided winter trekking experiences and bushcraft canoe journeys in the summer.  Follow them at 

Trevor Page has led numerous trips as a wilderness guide - both dog sled expeditions in the winter and canoe trips in the summer; however, he spends most of his time these days teaching Outdoor Safety and Survival skills, as well as serving with the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association and Ground Search and Rescue in Manitoba.

Ross Hinter coordinates the Public and Trapper Education Program for the Alberta Trappers Association. He has been teaching as a trapping instructor for 25 years and has traveled throughout Alberta and B.C. dealing with human and wildlife conflicts.  As a wildlife control expert, he continues to work with Government and Industry on behalf of Alberta trappers. His involvement with Environmental Groups, Wildlife Biologists, the University of Alberta, Environmental Sciences and others, have all contributed to his reputation as an ambassador for the sustainable use of wildlife resources.  Ross is passionate about examining the predator-prey relationships and dispelling the myths of trapping and wildlife habitat that is so vital to real conservation.  Together with his wife Deborah, they operate, North Trapping and Bushcraft, teaching trapping and other bushcraft living workshops.

Brenda Holder is a professional guide and also maintains an active herbal medicine practice that calls upon both western and indigenous systems of knowledge.  Ask her a question, and be prepared for an engaging answer that is brimming with experience and passion for the topic.


Randy Breeuwsma is a skilled braintanner and practitioner of modern and ancestral survival skills.  Formerly he was a frequent instructor at Rabbitstick, and continues working with Lori Breeuwsma to run Karamat Wilderness Way, the cornerstone of bushcraft and survival skills instruction in Alberta. 

Jonathan (Jon) McArthur has been heavily involved with Volunteer Search and Rescue since his reintroduction nine years ago.  Starting as a member of the local team, he quickly became President, Director of North East Region of Alberta and VP of Search and Rescue Alberta. He is a Sergeant Aircraft Structures Technician currently posted to 409 Tactical Fighter Squadron. Jon is very passionate about his secondary duty with RCAF GSAR team, located at 4 Wing Cold Lake, where he currently holds the position of second in command.  Most recently he became the President of Cold Lake Search and Rescue for his forth term. Jon has always had a flare for the outdoors and now is a instructor with Karamat Wilderness Ways. He teaches all over the province both in Wilderness Living Skills, Basic SAR Skills and SAR Leadership. He has combined his enthusiasm for both SAR and outdoor living skills to create a unique learning environment for all skill levels.

Dale and Colleen Kiselyk operate Nature Alive Adventures out of Barrhead, AB.  Together they offer bushcraft and wilderness living workshops, canoe trips and courses, and they facilitate engaging community drum circles.  Dale and Colleen are skilled in bringing a passion for nature alive in every student.  


Jay Seely is a person of remarkable talent.  An incredible worker of wood, having built canoes, paddles, custom furniture and more.  Jay is also a driller of wells, and an instructor of traditional wilderness living skills with Mammut Bushcraft.


Ken Sheffield is a professional chef and entrepreneur with a passion for being outdoors.  Primarily in a canoe, but with a steady lean toward a kayak in recent years.  A regular contributor to his local community through volunteerism, sharing of food and leading regular paddle outings on local rivers.  You find him online at Little Grimlin Carpet Care.

David Delafield has been working in the outdoor education field for over 20 years. Currently he is an assistant professor of Outdoor Leadership at Burman University and lead instructor for Mammut Bushcraft.  David is part of the volunteer leadership team that coordinates Frostbite! on an annual basis.


Rob Edwards    grew up in the woods, hunting, fishing and trapping, in addition to spending time in Scouts.  He is dedicated to the promotion of our traditional archery and pre-archery technologies through sharing his knowledge, teaching others to build their own weapons and hunting with the tools they create.   To further promote these skills, Rob founded Alberta Atlatl (2006) and the Alberta Primitive Skills Society (2014) to assist in passing on traditional/primitive hunting and bush style living to a new generation of folks. 

Maryann Borch has been making willow baskets for 25 years, and recently has been extending her knowledge by attending workshops in the UK, Washington and Denmark.  Her mentor and guide through this process, Rae Hunter, continues to inspire and encourage her. The willow labyrinth at Good Note Community Farm hosts 16 types of basketry and native willows.

Jess Wilde has studied herbalism, lived in the woods in a tarpy (tipi), cabin, and tent at different times. She was a member of Search and Rescue in Victoria and is enthusiastic about what can be learned and made when combining primitive skills and survival skills with modern tools with wilderness living. She spends her time foraging, crafting, travelling, learning and teaching. She is a director of the River Valley Free School in Edmonton.

Dean McLeod loves teaching practical skills, he loves snow, and he loves winter! He has made and slept in hundreds of quinzhees since his first backyard winter adventure in 1969. Dean has instructed Outdoor Education courses since 1976, specializing in winter camping, snow structures, long winter travels, XC skiing, snowshoeing, ice safety and rescue, moving water canoe/kayak, wilderness canoe tripping, and outdoor cooking!

Ted Dahr is a wilderness living, survival, and bushcraft instructor for Beaver River Bushcraft located in Cold Lake, Alberta. His passion for learning from the wilderness and passing along that knowledge has been a staple in his life for past 40 years and one which he has shared with various youth and community groups, as well as military units, including 4 Wing's Ground Search and Rescue Team.  

Visit us on Facebook @beaverriverbushcraft. 

Shane Maurice bring decades of experience in the outdoors that is informed by his Cree culture and a series of mentors and instructors that have guided him.  He can be contacted at Equinox Wilderness Adventure.

Marcel Prefontaine of SOS Wilderness Survival will be joining us for the first time and we are eager to welcome him to our community.

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