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Frostbite Schedule

Each January we gather for a 3 day weekend of learning and camaraderie.  Tradition places the event after the first full week of the month.  
















The Offseason:

After recovering from a busy weekend, the team begins planning for next years event almost immediately.  We reflect on the confusion, we search for new instructors, and stalk potential Keynote presenters and look for ways to improve the event for everyone.


Registration opens on the 21st of October, or the weekend nearest.  Folks on the mailing list get the first opportunity to register, followed by links being posted to the website within a couple hours of the community notification going out.  This is when a tiny little squad of volunteers tries their best to provide exceptional service to everyone.  Within 6 weeks the event is fully booked out and the waiting list opens up.

The Main Event:

Folks begin arriving on Friday morning, with the first workshops scheduled for 2:00pm.  And our first Keynote Presentation occurs at 7:00pm.  This is a busy time: arrivals, camps being setup, silent auction tables being claimed, friends being greeted, and the last stragglers getting through the gates sometime after midnight!

Through the weekend there are 4 Workshop Blocks scheduled, each lasting up to 4 hours.  Instructors are free to use the time as they see necessary.  Some workshops require seat reservations due to material limitations, others are more presentation style and can accommodate folks drifting in and out.


  • Meal service begins with Friday supper

  • 1 afternoon Workshop session block


  • Meal service for Breakfast, Lunch & Supper

  • 2 blocks of Workshop sessions

  • Evening Keynote

  • Closing of the Silent Auction tables


  • Last meal service at Breakfast

  • 1 block of Workshop sessions

  • 12:00 --> 2:00pm the camp clears out.

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