Sample Course Descriptions from Past Years!
Just a hint of what happens at Frostbite!

Building the UHMW Toboggan:  with David Delafield

When the ice comes and the canoes are stored, we northerners need a way to move camp and carry our belongings.  The traditional toboggan has been updated with space age plastics, but it still remains the traditional and efficient means of moving camp in the winter bush.  This will be the first year to offer UHMW for the toboggan course!.  Includes all materials and hardware.  Fee: $250.00



Building the Survival Bow:  (Requires Session 3 & 4)  Fee: $30.00

This will be a quick primitive style survival bow build, capable of taking small to midsized game. We will be using Saskatoon and willow to build the bows. As a side build we will be using willow, red osier, and/or hazelnut to fashion a primitive style arrow.   We may be able to build some hunting weight bows, dependent on time.  Do expect to use simple knife skills, and a basic knowledge of knots is recommended.


N.B.   Participants MUST bring along a SHARP knife, preferably one with a stout 4” blade and thin gloves. 


Spoon Carving in less then 3 hours!   Fee: $10.00

Come carve a spoon, I'll make a blank and let you figure out how big or small you want. Adults only please.


It’s fun to be square! With Kelly Harlton

Take home some old school skills.  simplicity, and versatility of square and rectangle  items like blankets, ponchos, tarps, shemaghs, and more. In this workshop learn practical ways to  use. Everyone will get to make a simple blanket pins. 

Please note:  Bring some square stuff to participate. 


Leading Youth Expeditions in Winter:  with Keynote Speaker, Scott Oeth

Scott will share a lifetime of experience leading scout groups at their northern Activities base in Minnesota.  Concerns, preventions, mistakes and great ideas all in one place.


Tracking with Dale and Colleen

Explore the science, myth and fun of tracking wildlife.  Workshop features stories, plaster casts, skulls, bones, laughter, and even a walk through the winter landscape to find evidence of our woodsy neighbours and their passage.


Winter Camping Shelter Presentation with Dale Kiselyk

Low budget hot tents to deluxe glamping.  See and experience a range of winter shelters from the low budget to the luxury.  What are their advantages, disadvantages, where to find, build or buy.


Winter Clothing for Women: with Colleen Kiselyk

Winter and cold weather are inevitable! Get the most out of your outdoor adventures by being warm without heading to a beach in Hawaii!


Building the 17th Century Sailors Pipe Lighter:  with Dave Holder

Using antler, bones, wick and some ingenuity you will recreate this historic piece of firelighting technology.


The Mighty Tripod:  with Daved Holder

Using engineering and practical knowledge, Dave will guide us through building a tripod that can accommodate anything from a cooking pot to slinging a cart across a river.


Birch Bark Knife Sheaths with Randy Breeuwsma

Join Randy at the Karamat station to learn the techniques to make beautiful and durable knife sheaths from birch bark.  Please bring a fixed blade knife, with 3-4” blade, and you will leave with a custom fitted sheath.


Wool Mittens with Applique Felt and Embroidery: with Lori Breeuwsma Fee: $20.00

Create felt appliques and then add to the wool mittens along with embroidery. Once all the applieques have been added and the embroidery stitching is complete, we will sew the mittens together with the sewing machine. Knowledge of sewing an asset but not required. If you have extra scissors for cutting material, please bring them. We will try to complete in the 3 hours. 


Spark of Life: with Jon McArthur, optional materials Fee: $40.00

Fire making with the Self Respecting Woodman’s Fire Kit. 3 methods of firelighting, man made and natural materials. Price includes a skookum Firebag handmade by Jon and filled for use at class.  If you are interested in joining the class for information and observation there will be no fee required.


Bushcraft Sojourn 365:  with Jon McArthur

A presentation with Pictures and artifacts from Sweden, England and Canada. A story of a trip which many Bushcrafters would love to take. 


Loading and Hauling the Winter Toboggan:  with Keenan Hosking

Learn simple techniques for lashing loads and master mechanical advantage skills for safely ascending and descending hills with a loaded freight toboggan.  Loads of fun, and just a little learning.


Survival Psychology and Crisis Situations with Zef Ordmann

Just about every "expert" in "survival " states the most important element of survival is the individual's mental state.  Let's discuss this issue and see what's true and what's not."Will to live"; "panic"; "Why do optimists die?"; "What are the most common behaviours during a survival/crisis situation?"; "What actions can be taken to "unstuck your mind"?; "How to handle the most dangerous animal you might encounter in the outdoors?" Requirements for this discussion are an open mind and humour.


Are you Crisis Ready! with Zef Ordmann

Crisis management, how to survive when an emergency happens anywhere: home,  work, traveling,  holiday's... hostage taking....

Learn about how the mind reacts to Crisis and what you can do to survive.  Some of the topics covered: Crisis/Emergency Psychology,  Myths of Survival,  Global survival priorities. What actions you can take to survive.  The aim of this discussion is how to survive anywhere (work home, holiday, wilderness...)


Cordless Joints for bushcraft  Fee: $10.00

Using dovetail, mortise and tenon, and various other joints in the construction of tripods, tables and chairs, shelters, and more.


Weave Your Own Adventure: with Jess Wilde, Fee: $3.00

Using basic weaving techniques with cattails, rushes and grass you can create trivets, coasters, placemats, baskets, waterbottle covers, jar covers for hot items and other items.


Crafting a Round Willow Basket (Requires Session 3 & 4) Fee: $20.00

Using home grown English Basketry Willows, we will make a basic round basket including the 3 x 3  slath bottom, pairing the bottom, waling the uprights, English or French Randing, topped with another row of waling and a 4 by 2 border. This will be a complete basket with all necessary weaves to create a multitude of functional containers. We will show two kinds of handle options but likely will not have time to complete the larger version.   Please arrive on time for both session, so the group can stay relatively at the same point in starting and continuing each section


The Survival Pattern: 

“Knowledge and experience are lite in the pack and easy to carry”

Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

One of the most useful tools available in an emergency situation 

KISS...Keep It Simple Survivor.

Save yourself time, money and suffering!!!!!


Navigation Skills and Equipment: Fee: $10.00

“Navigation skills as survival prevention” 

If there is one sure way to end up in a survival situation, it's getting lost in the wilderness. Navigation training will provide you with the freedom and confidence to travel the wilderness whether on or off trail. All practical and mostly outdoors, so dress appropriately for the weather.

Compass issues

Measuring distance on the ground 

Sighting and setting bearings, back bearings

Use of a GPS receiver to aid traditional navigational skills

Combining the compass and GPS 

Practical navigation exercise 


Traditional Canoe Wannigan:  Fee: $55.00

In this course you will build a traditional canoe Wannigan, or grub box.  Pre-cut kits will be provided, allowing you to assemble and paint/stain during the weekend.  There will be down time throughout the day as you wait on glue to dry, during this time feel free to drink coffee, observe other classes, or drop-in on one of the many lecture/presentations happening throughout the day.  The Wannigan session is best paired with the course, Crafting the Traditional Tumpline, but not required.


Crafting the Traditional Tumpline:  Fee: $50.00

Join leatherworker Robb to create your own custom tumpline for carrying loads such as a Wannigan.  The Tumpline session is best paired with the course, Traditional Canoe Wannigans, but not required.


Crafting a leather pouch with antler button: $10.00

Join Robb to create the simple drawstring leather pouch with antler or wooden button toggle closure.  You will learn some basic leather working skills, and leave with a handmade piece of functional art.


Secrets of the Super Shelter:  

From bent sticks to the space age, join Bruce in exploring the Kochanski Super Shelter and its ability to keep you warm and dry on your next planned or unplanned camping trip.


Winter Sleep Systems and Clothing with Bruce Zawalsky.

Lecture/facilitated discussions with outdoor hands on experience.

Topics to include: Man-made and Natural fibers, Layering Systems, Hazards, The Survival Pattern, Primitive Sleep Systems, Care and Maintenance, Vapor Barriers, Gore-tex Bivy Bags, Underlays and associated sleep system equipment.


Signaling for Survival: Bigger, Better, Updated - now with more BANG! with Trevor Page, Fee: $5.00

The what-ifs of life encourage us to think about sharing our predicament with others, and maybe even getting rescued.  Learn the ins-n-outs of emergency signalling technique from low-tech to space age, and possibly event make some noise!


The Armchair Survivor: What the Science is Telling Us with Trevor Page

Or possibly, just the random musings of a curious individual.  Come with questions, leave with deeper thoughts.


Tools of the Tanner: with Ross Hinter  Fee: $10.00

Display of hand crafted hide working tools & hands on crafting of hide working tools, using: Angle grinder, wood, epoxy, charcoal and steel banding. Materials Provided


Trapping in Alberta: A valuable tool in the Bush

Clearing up misconceptions and understanding the skills useful for any bush travellers.  Traps demos, Furs & Skulls on display


Camp furniture with Tarn White, optional Fee: $15.00

Build a collapsible, packable, comfortable chair. Tools will be provided but bringing your own pack tools is still recommended as it is a great time to familiarize yourself to proper use. Lumber available for purchase, or bring your own wood. You will need 2 pieces about 1 1\2 inches by 9 inches by 5 feet long.


Norse Wire Weaving with Tarn White, optional Fee: $15.00

Create an intricate woven wire bracelet necklace or trim that is incredibly strong. This product is not only beautiful but strong! As trim it can protect items in high wear areas.   A craft worthy of the old gods!  No cost for people who want to learn but take home kits with all you need to continue your project at home will be available for $15 


Traditional Puuko Sheath with Jay Seely, Fee: $30.00

Jay is a remarkable craftsman and teacher in wood and leather.  During this course will learn to make a traditional Scandinavian style leather sheath for the Mora 510.  At the end of the course, you will have a new knife and sheath to remember Frostbite! 2020.


Recommendations for New Winter Campers with Ted Dahr.

Tired of drab humdrum of summer camping?  Don’t like the bugs associated with spring camping?  Timid of predator animals getting ready for winter in the fall camping season?  Try winter camping, it’s GREAT!! 

Ted has been winter camping since his high school days and although this is probably Ted’s most favourite time to camp, it has its share of dangers and risks.  He will share a few hard-won lessons for comfort and fun.  If you're the type that can learn from others’ mistakes, then this is just right for you.  From clothing and sleeping; selecting appropriate food and cooking it; to transportation and shelter, there are more than a few tips and tricks available to make your trips more exciting and less risky.


The Two-minute Tarp with Ted Dahr. 

Ever been caught by unexpected weather?  Of course you have!  When that happens, you need a shelter NOW, not after you’re soaked to the skin.  Ted will show you how to make and then rig your very own “Two-minute Tarp”.  Then we’ll practice it a few times. You will leave with a dependable emergency shelter system that you can deploy in just two minutes. 


Please bring the following materials: 1 tarp (8x10 is preferred, but no bigger than 10x12), 25-50’ of cordage, 3 tent stakes.

Kits will be available for sale for your convenience at a cost of $35.


The Art of Camp Food Worth Eating:  Fee: $5.00

Join professional chef Ken Sheffield in a discussion and sampling session on great camp food.  Home dehydrating, rehydrating and cooking techniques will be covered.  What could be better?  Learn to plan, prep, dry, rehydrate and create delicious camp foods, and, enjoy the samples.  Consider bringing your own utencils.


Lecture:  What’s the Next Step?  With Ted Dahr

Where do we go from here?  What happens if?  Forward thinking can reduce a great number of difficulties in all aspects of our lives.  Learning to think ahead can certainly shorten the path to gaining knowledge with less risk.

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