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Course Descriptions for Frostbite! 2024

Multi Mode Mora with Dave Holder, 6 participants

Make an adjustable mora knife neck, waist, and shoulder carry strap. An adjustable strap that does all three jobs allowing you to gain easy access to your knife while wearing any clothing ensemble. This skill incorporates knot craft, and a bit of sewing, to fashion a knife carry loop that can be adjusted into a shoulder, neck or waist loop. Bone or wood can also be used on some parts to make the rig look more "Bushy."  Thanks to Jed Yarnold for the inspiration!  Students should bring their own knives.


Improvising the Harlton H Bucksaw with Kelly Harlton, 12 participants, Fee: $10.00

Join master educator of the Boreal Forest to learn the intricacies of making a functional, sturdy and very effective improvised bucksaw in the Bush.  All materials provided, but participants are requested to bring a sharp, sturdy knife.  Youth are encouraged to be under the supervision of an "Old Adult" to enroll in this course.

Group & Wilderness Leadership with Russ Meades, Lecture

This session deals with the essentials of wilderness leadership, from the principles of leadership to the qualities of a good leader, tips for success, potential pitfalls, notes on planning, and what to do in an emergency. Whether you're guiding clients  or just looking to optimize your group’s experience, the topics broached during this session are for you!

Skinning and processing a fur bearing animal with Ross Hinter 12 participants

We will teach how to make use of the fur and then prepare the animal as if it might be used for food. How to check for disease and much more


Modern Traps and Snares: Handling, bedding, anchoring and setting with Ross Hinter   10 Participants 

This will be a hands on chance to learn to set and use traps in the field. Start in classroom then head outside for setting up.

Bushcraft Tweezers? With Dave Holder, 6 participants

Join Dave Holder to explore tweezers, from micro-tweezers to coal tongs.  You will be exposed to a full range of knife skills, knots and more.  But still accessible and suitable for the beginner or advanced person.  Thanks to Jed Yarnold for the inspiration!  Students should bring their own knives.


Survival: Myths, Truths and Questions with Zef Ordman, Lecture

Part lecture, part discussion.  This is an opportunity to engage with the topic of modern survival and what really works.  An informed brainstorm on how not to die in real world situations using wilderness and the bush as the primary focus.


Backpacking the West Coast Trail with Tim Essington, Lecture

Join Tim for a story of adventure and exploration along the infamous West Coast Trail.  Tim will share reflections on real world applications of water purification, navigation, use of tide tables and much more.


Preserves, Oh My! with Christine Essington, Lecture and taste testing

Join Christine on a journey through the food preservation process with a focus on berries.  There will be ideas, inspiration, recipes and samples.


5 Tips for Better Feathersticks with Alex Rayner, 12 participants

The ability to create quality feather sticks in a reasonable amount of time is an important wilderness

knife skill. Especially when conditions are less than ideal. Whether it is in wet weather or impressing

your friends with your mad knife skills, these 5 tips will help you on your way to creating consistently

good feather sticks. We will also discuss material identification, selection and why, when and how to

use them. This is a hands-on session so please bring a sharp knife (a personal "cuts" kit is also not a

bad idea anytime you are playing with cutting tools). We will cover some knife safety but that is not

the focus of the session.

Cordage Systems and Basic Knots with Brady Patterson

Carrying a single hank of paracord is definitely a staple for many in the North. However, recovering and reusing cordage and thinking of it as a system for reuse. In this class we'll cover a cordage management system that works in the bush but is equally at home in your everyday life, meaning you'll use it and have it when you need it. We'll cover how to set up the system, how it can be used, and the knots that accompany it. You can bring 100 feet of paracord or there will be 100 foot lengths available for $10.00.

Easy Peasy Food Prep for Tripping with Colleen Kiselyk, 12 participants, Fee: $15.00

Face it...we all enjoy eating but we don't want to spend hours preparing, especially when we are enjoying a canoe or snowshoe trip. This course will give you some practical tips, tricks, recipes AND some take home samples for making simple but delicious food for your next trip. 

Crafting a Camp Stove with Ted Dahr, 12 participants, Fee: $6.00

Making your own camp stove is a cost-effective, sustainable, and rewarding endeavor. It not only saves you money but also equips you with essential DIY skills, and it allows you to tailor your stove to your exact needs. Whether you're an avid camper, a prepper, or someone who enjoys DIY projects, creating your camp stove is a gratifying experience that enhances your outdoor adventures.


Creating the One-Stick Fire with Ted Dahr, 10 participants

Fire has guided and warmed humanity for millennia. Creating the one-stick fire with nothing but a single match and a 4-foot long, 3-inch thick stick is a skill that exemplifies human resourcefulness and our profound connection to fire. It showcases our ability to adapt and thrive even under the most challenging circumstances. Whether you find yourself in a survival situation or are simply drawn to the art of wilderness survival, mastering this skill can be a truly transformative experience.


Participants must bring a cutting tool suitable for bushcraft projects that is paper-shaving sharp; a baton; a saw of their choice (7” folding saw is sufficient and even recommended); something to kneel on in the snow, and something dry to work on (a bandana, shemagh, blanket shard, etc).

Hand Drill in the Boreal Forest with Adam, No Fee

The mythical handdrill is a skill that many aspire to master.  With an experience practitioner and teacher this skill can be learned.  Join Adam as he shares his experiments with various native materials and helps you learn the fundamentals of spinning the fire stick!


Animal Tracking - Indoor Session  No fee 

Introduction to animal tracking in snow, identifying species, foot morphology, gaits, and track casts.  We may also have some fun with a tracking quiz - winner gets a prize.


Animal Tracking - Outdoor Session No Fee

Utilizing the North American Cybertracker System, we will travel the property looking for animal tracks and sign as a group. This is a highly interactive and experiential method of tracking that accelerates learning for every participant, regardless of your tracking experience and knowledge. Fun, engaging, and relaxing. Be prepared to be outside in whatever cold weather the day provides. Participants need to be there from the start of the session, but you can leave early if you have to attend a bother class elsewhere.

Traditional Puuko Sheath with Jay Seely, Fee: $40

Learn a skill, go home with a new knife?  Join Jay Seely to make a traditional Puuko style leather sheath for a Mora 510.  Materials fee includes all materials, including your new knife.


Making the Bushcraft Journal with Brenda Holder, Fee: $35

Work with Brenda to create a custom journal that you will proud to carry on adventures, or to simply make quiet notes while sipping tea at home.  Students will need to bring their own knife.


Crafting a Round Willow Basket (Requires Session 2 & 3) Fee: $30.00

Using home grown English Basketry Willows, we will make a basic round basket including

the 3 x 3  slath bottom, pairing the bottom, waling the uprights, English or French Randing,

topped with another row of waling and a 4 by 2 border. This will be a complete basket with

all necessary weaves to create a multitude of functional containers. We will show two kinds

of handle options but likely will not have time to complete the larger version.   Please arrive

on time for both session, so the group can stay relatively at the same point in starting and

continuing each section

Building your Own Hot Tent with Chris Randall, Presentation

Explore the art and science of building your own hot tent with Chris Randall.  He has been designing and tweaking hot tents for decades and will share his experiences with the intention to inspire you to get sewing.


Tent Tour with Dean McLeod, Unlimited

Join Dean, a connoisseur of all things hot tents, on a walking and interpretive tour of the various hot tents on the Frostbite site.  You will learn the benefits and weaknesses of various designs and build a better foundation for starting your adventure in hot tenting.


Making Sharp Things Sharp with Dean McLeod

Join our keynote presenter in a workshop on sharpening knives and axes.  Come prepared to learn, and bring some tools that need some TLC.


Psychology of Being Stranded with Bruce Zawalsky, Presentation

In this lecture I am going to look into the psychology of the mind when stranded and under stress. I will start off by talking about Drop Shock, becoming a Stanger in a Strange Land, the Disconnected Survivor, the Psychology of People under Stress, Psychology of Wilderness Survival, Preparing your Brain, Group Help and the Aftermath of being stranded. Finally I will conclude by asking and giving you a few suggestions that will help you answer the question, “How can we Survive Psychological Trauma while Stranded?” What I will be talking about is not all new, comes from various sources and I hope it will give you a glimmer of light into this highly glossed over and poorly understood area of Wilderness Survival Training that is essential to us if we want to survive while stranded.


The 3 Minute Fire with Bruce Zawalsky, 12 Participants

Wonder out to the field and learn to light the 3 minute fire. This workshop in a hands on fire lighting session, taught all outdoors.  Participants should bring a knife and winter work gloves.


Using the Mighty Spear with Tarn, 12 Participants

The spear is an iconic part of survival.   Learn to use this spear for hunting and defence.


Crafting a Spear with Tarn White, 6 Participants

Work through the process of building a functioning spear for fun, food, and defence!  Participants must bring their own sharp and functional knife.


Get Home Bags with Deane New, 12 Participants

Hands on gear review & analysis and content evaluation in the form of a comprehensive look at get home bags for various scenerios, including air travel, personalised to the interest of the participants. A look at what comes in various packages and an opportunity to test sizes and quality. Discussion, suggestions and questions


Easy Crochet Slippers and Fingerless Gloves with Deane New, 12 Participants, Fee: $5.00

Participants will learn basic crocheting and make these quick easy projects


Basketmaker Atlatl and Dart with Rob Edwards, 12 Participants, Fee: $25.00

We will be making a basketmaker atlatl with one natural dart. Fine knife skills and dexterity is a must.  Materials to bring… a SHARP knife with a short blade, knife sharpener


Rabbitsticks and Throwing Sticks with Rob Edwards,, 12 Participants, Fee: $15.00

We will be building a “rabbit stick” or a “throwing stick” capable of taking small game up to 30 metres.  Participants will need a sharp knife and knife sharpener.


Karamat Lite:  Fast and Easy Projects, 18 Participants, Fee: $15.00

Over the course of 3 hours we will do as many projects as possible and those are: Make a cup you can fold and put in your pocket. A tin whistle, Throwing arrows, Bull roar, Birch bark knife sheath, FIre starters, -All weather toilet paper protector.  Kids under 14 must have parental supervision to participate


Capote Making: Blanket Coats with Lori Breeuwsma, 8 Participants

Join Lori for an entire day of cutting things up and putting them back together into a beautiful and personalized Capote.  Students will receive comprehensive information regarding ordering of supplies.  After registration you will be provided a link and password to access the information.  For questions, please contact Lori directly via their website.


Is it “Bushcraft” or “Bush Medicine?” with Ber, Lecture

Is participating in bushcraft healing, or is that a skill acquired in bushcraft? What is healing, versus medicine, versus bush medicine? Let's explore what you wish you knew - you never know when you are going to need it. 


Military Map Reading, Route Planning and Navigation with Tom Hume, 12 Participants

Learn how the Military Grid Reference System can make plotting and planning routes simpler than the standard Latitude / Longitude. Read terrain features and understand how they will impact your travel. Use both degree and Mil scale compass's with the Map to triangulate your position when you become "geographically embarrassed" Students can bring their own MGRS Maps and Compasses but materials will be available. Plan to be indoors and outdoors.

Make a Recycled Rubber Purse with Merry Brotherston, 12 Participants, Fee:  $10.00

Participants will use recycled bike tubes and accessories to make a purse or bag they can follow the design of the one I have made or be creative and design your own. If possible, bring a leather punch.


Salves and Balms with Merry Brotherston, 12 Participants, Fee: $10.00

Make a peppermint pine headache salve and a 3 ingredient lip balm.  Using natural ingredients we will make a wonderful salve that is beneficial for your skin, well being, home or even pets. This DIY lip balm is moist but not watery, protective but not waxy, add cinnamon or peppermint to spice it up. 


Weave a Traditional Iriquois Medicine Bag with Brenda Holder, 12 Participants

Learn a simple technique that will have each participant making their own woven medicine bag. Once you learn this, you will be able to adjust it to any size and pattern you like. It is super cool, super easy and very practical!  Students should bring a knife


Journal Making with Brenda Holder, 12 Participants, Fee: $25.00

We will be learning how to stitch a journal together from start to finish as well as adding on a cover. Students wishing to add covers other than the paper provided (ie leather etc) may do so if they bring along their own material for the cover.


Hand Drill Fire in the Boreal with Adam Hope, 12 Participants

The lecture portion will be composed of friction fire history, the physical and chemical theory of friction fire, and the efficacy of hand drill in the Northern Boreal Forest. Students will be given local materials suitable for making hand drill embers. There will be time made for practicing hand drill where students will receive individual coaching and advice.


Traditional Puuko Sheath with Jay Seely, 8 Particiapants, Fee: $40.00

Learn a skill, go home with a new knife?  Join Jay Seely to make a traditional Puuko style leather sheath for a Mora 510.  Materials fee includes all materials, including your new knife.


Building the UHMW Toboggan with David Delafield, 2 Participants, Fee: $350.00 (may vary)

Looking for the chance to build a toboggan for hauling those winter loads?  In this course you will be provided a pre-drilled toboggan blank, and all the straps, loops, rings, leads and tumps to put it all together.  Participants should bring cordless drill and charger if possible.  Final pricing is pending quotes on UHMW.


Winter Camping 101 with Brian Rice, Lecture

How do I keep warm?  What do I wear?  How do I cook?

In this lecture/demonstration class we will cover the basics of being outdoors in the winter. There will be gear, clothing, tents, stoves, and lots of questions and answers.

Knife Skills Revisited with Jaye Selin, 12 participants

In this class, you will learn and explore multiple knife grips and techniques, focused on what we call Bushcraft. I want to increase your "boldness" (not recklessness!) with a bush Blade so that you can take your skills to a new level. Beginners and Experts are welcome. This is mandatory for a safe experience—- bring your own “paper slicing sharp” knife, but I may have a few loaner knives too. If you don’t have a sharp knife, then watch Mors Kochanski’s "how to sharpen knives" on YouTube, found on Karamat’s YouTube channel.


For the first 1.5 hours I will run through the foundational grips & knife techniques I use, in my way, and you will get to practice them, under my guidance and feedback. (Prompt start time for this portion) In the second hour participants will practice their skills by making a craft (optional activity, but highly recommended to practice what you have just learned) - item TBD This is a knife skills class, you might cut yourself! Be aware of the risks. No kids under 14. C hildren 12 to14 are permitted if directly supervised by a parent (one knife/2 people)


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